6 July, 2018 6 July, 2018

Corona Open JBay After Video

The Corona Open JBay finished in 4 days, that’s how off the chain it was. Picture a rusty gate, now picture a rabid donkey going buck wild busting that gate right off its hinges whilst it lets out a roaring bray as it tries to bite everyone in site. Well, that’s basically how the Men’s Open went down. Filipe being the deranged donkey and the rusty gate being the rest of the best surfers in the world.

Now, this is JBay. Waves all over, Boneyards was serving up some filthy highline firing crankers all day every day. So whilst the world watched Supers bomb, Zag turned our attention toward the free-surfing and boy oh boy are we stoked we did. Feast your eyes, ladies, and gentlemen. 

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