11 January, 2018 11 January, 2018
Photographer: Calvin Thompson/ Surfer: Davey Van Zyl

Close out of the 2017 Striped Horse Challenge

With the last remaining remnants of the festive season being shaken off and the 2017 edition of the Striped Horse Challenge coming to a close. It is time to reflect back on the chaos that closed out the year and boost someone’s street cred by dubbing them the December 2017 monthly winner.

So, do yourselves a favor and take a breezy trip down memory lane and be refreshed by the waves of consequence that rocked the rainbow nations shores this past December. While we wait for the judges to emerge from their holiday hibernation, surf the web and dig through the latest entries.

In anticipation of the final call, take some personal time and pick the entry that lifts the hairs at the back of your neck the most. Other than that, sit back, put your sandy feet up and park cheesy as we wait for the December winner to be announced.

Soon after, January 2018 is set to end with a bang, where the overall winner of the Striped Horse Challenge will be announced. Tune your tjommies, and get your bets in on who you think will take the crown. At the end the judge’s decision is final and only one will stand as the overall top dog as they jet off on a return ticket to Hawaii with R30 000 cash in hand along with some new gear worth R30 000 from Hurricane! The cherry on top goes to the homie behind the lens that made it all possible by capturing the wave that changed the game, seeing them walk away like Snoop Dogg with a comfy R10 000 cash monies.

Check out what December had to offer:
















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