30 January, 2017 30 January, 2017

Chris Crosses The Halfway Mark

Nearly two months in and Chris Bertish has overcome the elements and passed the halfway mark on his monumental, unsupported and downright crazy, open ocean Transatlantic SUP Crossing. 

He first began the world record attempt on the 6th December 2016 from the mainland of Agadir in Morocco, paddling in a south westerly direction past the Canary Islands, on the 20th December. The entire journey will take Bertish across an estimated  7500 km’s of open ocean, paddling alone. The equivalent of over a marathon a day for over 90 days straight.

The view on Chris’ SUP.

“The main aim of this project is to push the limits of what’s possible for the sport and for what the human spirit can endure while inspiring others to believe in themselves and what’s truly possible,” said Chris Bertish.

Chris’ charity work is the power behind his strokes, he has already raised close to Five Million Rand for his selected outreaches. You can track Chris’ progress here and learn more about the project on his website

Chris keeping positive.

*Featured Image: © Alan Van Gysen

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