13 August, 2018 13 August, 2018

Catch of the Day

The city of Kwinana, Western Australia, is trying out a super simple, and cost-effective solution to significantly reduce the discharge of waste from outflow pipes.  The town installed nets in efforts to prevent solid waste and gross pollutants from leaving the sewers.  The main goal is to drastically limit the number of solid residues that come from residential areas, which are transported by rain waters.

Just over a month ago, Zag put out an article outlining the fact that just 10 rivers are responsible for the majority of synthetic throwaways and leave-behinds floating in our oceans. Now although these outflow pipes aren’t rivers the concept is similar, they transport a lot of waste.  Now this, simple filtering system was set up in March at two locations, near residential areas and have, since then, retained 370 kilograms of garbage. That might not sound a lot, but it’s certainly a start.

The nets have collected mostly food packaging, bottles, sand, and leaves from trees. The debris is later transported to a recycling centre which processes biodegradable waste and turns it into fertilizer. No animals have been trapped inside the nets since the trial operation began. The authorities of Kwinana plan to install new nets in three additional locations. According to Carol Adams, the city mayor, the first trial cost around $20,000.

“After seeing the nets in action in other local government areas, the City determined the net to be the most cost-effective and safest option over other methods which can be up to four times the cost per unit and are sealed and submerged structures,” noted Adams.
Kwinana’s nets are the proof that small actions can have significant impacts.


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