31 July, 2018 31 July, 2018

Calvin Thompson pres. ‘Thando’

Meet Thando, a young Zulu boy living in rural Kwamashu, an informal settlement just outside of Durban, South Africa. Based on a true story, this fictional narrative is a coming of age, ‘slice of life’ short film and speaks to the problem of underprivileged youth, poverty, homelessness and drug abuse in South Africa.

Written and Directed by Calvin Thompson

Executive Produced by Hart Media

Thando from Calvin Thompson on Vimeo.

Homelessness and the pitfalls that go with life on the streets is a massive unresolved problem facing SA’s youth. A lot of these kids have huge potential – if given the education and opportunities they need. If you feel moved to make a donation to a worthy cause click here.

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