19 October, 2017 19 October, 2017


If you are unaware, or if you’ve been living under a rock like Patrick from SpongeBop SquarePants, then best you come to the firm realisation that your boy Jords is smack bang in the middle of a world title race. Now we, as South African’s need to rally behind our boy. Anyway we can! Drop him a couple DM’s, tag him in your posts, like and comment on his photos, let the big man know that you’re behind him. He’s our boy and he deserves the title. 

In aid of Jordy’s title concerns we’ve developed a hashtag: #BringItHomeJords. Now it’s of the highest concern that you get behind your boy by posting images on Instagram of you supporting your boy. eg:

  • Take a picture of yourself watching Jordy at the MEO Rip Curl Pro.
  • Post to Instagram
  • Hashtag: #BringItHomeJords 
  • Tag Jordy: @jordysmith88 and us: @zigzagsurf

After you’ve read all that, watch Jordy’s latest clip of him taking apart a Portuguese beach break filmed by Dane Staples.

Cover Image: Ryan Miller


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