9 January, 2019 9 January, 2019

Bradley Norris Drops ‘Standard Citizen’

Related to Chuck? Probably, I mean look at the way the man tames these West Australian monsters. Shit man, the oue looks as happy as Larry inside those blue caverns… Most of us would be expressing that face you make moments after stubbing your pinky toe, all scrunchy and pathetic like.

On the real though, Bradley Norris makes it look all too easy, effortlessly navigating the gallows of Davey Jones. Purely existing in the present, and deep, DEEP, in the barrel you can almost sense the euphoria coursing through his salt filled sinuses. It’s a thumbs up regarding the surfing and the footage… The song choice though?….. The Jurys still out on that one.

Standard Citizen from Bradley Norris on Vimeo.

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