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Bobby Roussouw’s South Side Cavern – Surf Pozzies

‘Surf Pozzies’ presented by Bosch/Dremel is a new regular we’re starting on zigzag.co.za, in which we’ll take you in for a closer look at some of our reader’s special places.

No, not that kind of special place – it will be a look inside their man/women caves, their shrines to surf, their surfing zen gardens, or a simple beach shack. Maybe it will be a surf-inspired bar or an underground bunker, or just a place to stash surfing memories – anything goes, really.


For the first installment, we’re taking a closer look at Bobby ‘Bobcat’ Roussouw’s ‘South Side Cavern’ in Simon’s Town – a shrine to South African surfing and beach culture. It houses more surf mementoes, magazines and surf art than most museums, and admission usually comes with a cup of tea.

Ascending the steps, you are instantly immersed in Bobcat’s recycling programme – Washed-up or discarded buoys, rope, slops, toothbrushes, leashes and fishing tackle adorn the boundary wall in a rich tapestry [see (A)] – art made from waste.


A life-size mural of a gaping barrel wraps around the corner, where Bobby’s stunt double – a mannequin adorned in a wetsuit [see (B)] – permanently stands tall.


As you venture further into Bobby’s flotsam and jetsam smorgasbord, you’ll see sea creatures and mermaids made from recycled wire hanging from above [see (C)], before being taken aback by his incredible board collection [see (D)] that spans the decades from the 1960s through to the 1980s.


Other broken boards have been turned into comfy chairs [see (E) above]. A sunken yacht hatch is given new life as a coffee table dubbed ‘Shattered Dreams’ [see (F)] – its top filled with sand-smoothed bits of broken glass, perlemoen shells and snapped off fins.


The scene is a cross pollination of ingenuity and enviro savvy that would make most interior designers klutz with delight, but for Bobcat, it’s just a tip of the hat to King Neptune.

“For me it’s a way of saying thank you for everything surfing and the ocean has given me,” says Bobby about his recycling project. “Amongst the junk that washes up, there are often little treasures which is an extra bonus, but more importantly, I’ll hopefully encourage a few more people who check this out to keep our coastline clean.”

* if you’ve got a surf pozzie of your own that you’d like to see featured, send pics and a short description to calvin@zigzag.co.za. We’d froth to have a look.



  1. Warren
    18 April, 2013 at 9:52 am · Reply

    That is an awesome quiver collection!

  2. flotsam
    19 April, 2013 at 1:09 pm · Reply

    sick spot bobcat

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