5 November, 2020 5 November, 2020


Big wave surfer, Nic Von Rupp (PT), has surfed potentially the biggest waves ever recorded at the legendary surf spot of Nazaré, Portugal. Dubbed the ‘swell of the century,’ the west coast of Europe was hit with Storm Epsilon, producing some of the biggest waves ever surfed, at the quiet fishing town at Praia do Norte. The estimates are in and official calculations are taking place, but the 100ft wave might have finally been recorded!

Watch a full rundown of the best waves, insane rides and some of the most memorable giants ever surfed at XXL Nazaré in the latest vlog from Nic Von Rupp:

“I always thought that the day would come where we would see a huge huge swell with clean offshore winds. Since I remember looking at weather and storm maps I’ve never ever seen a forecast of conditions like this and Mother Nature delivered some of the craziest cleanest waves ever seen at Nazaré. A day for the history books, swells like this happen very few times in a lifetime. So happy to witness this day and see everyone back to shore safe.”

~ Nic Von Rupp


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