16 November, 2017 16 November, 2017

Barrels Bound for Durban

Swell is heading for Durban, and we’re excited to say the least. Nothing like a Summer groundswell in an exemplary direction. Currently Friday and Saturday are looking superb. Forecasts state that Friday will see a 3.5m slowly declining swell in a SSE direction with favorable South Westerly winds trending South later in the day while Saturday sees variable light winds continuing with the declining swell, but still in a good SSE direction.

Cover image: Greg Ewing

Nothing like a gorgeous purple blob to brighten your day.


The amber alert has been called for the Cell C Good Wave. And if you don’t know much ’bout the Cell C Good Wave, well lets just say 1st place wins 100k cash. And that ain’t nothing to scoff at. Win the event, pop that 100k into Bitcoin and you’ll be a millionaire by the end of the week! The Cell C Good Wave has invited 32 of our countries finest barrel riders to compete in the event. Find out more about the competition here. Enjoy the teaser video below, cut to Just Jinjer. Yeah, Just Jinjer with a J. How arty of you.



While this is going down, we are delighted to witness what the other banks around town will be doing! North Beach, Bay of Plenty, the Wedge, it’s all going to be one big festival of barrels. And outside of the competition area is all game for the Striped Horse Challenge. Hit us up with a sequence or video of you, or your mate (or a random for that matter) getting absolutely slotted, or completely beaten and you could win a return trip to Hawaii. Yes, you heard right, Hawaii! And 30k cash. The photographer/videographer will also receive 10k for his efforts. Find out more about the Striped Horse Challenge here.




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