25 September, 2019 25 September, 2019

An Ode to Winter – Alan Van Gysen

As surfers we don’t discriminate against the seasons – on the contrary it’s exactly because of the seasons that we have the diverse weather and waves we have, but there is something special about winter that gets every surfer from the big wave charger to the point-break enthusiast to the longboard slider excited and preparing their sleds daily for that next groundswell pulse on the charts. Let’s be honest; are their better wave-producing systems than those long, clean groundswells that have traveled thousands of kilometres and the offshore winds we both get during winter?

These are the stuff of day-dreams. Lazy winter, daydreams in front of the warm fire at night with the promise of corduroy lines in the morning at our favourite spots from Namibia all the way around Cape Town, past the Garden Route, J-Bay, the South Coast, North Coast and on up to Mozambique and beyond. It’s a magic time in Southern Africa where any part of the coast could be all-time, and we look forward to it and miss it every year when it comes and goes. Here’s to winter 2019, with a little celebratory slideshow from AvG.

All Images – Alan van Gysen

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