9 May, 2017 9 May, 2017

An Ode to the Weskus

The official trailer just launched for filmmakers Bryan Little and Filipa Domingues’ first foray into full-length surf filmography,  Deep Blue / Middle C and it is off the charts! 

Billed as an ode to the Weskus and explained thus:

“I don’t have a tribal dance,
there are no manhood rituals for me.
Sitting round this fire with my friends,
surfing these West Coast waves,
This is my culture.”
– J’ bones / the dronk kreef 

Movie makers, musicians, sculptors, artists, coastal foragers, underwater wildlife filmmakers, conservation biologists, drone pilots community surf projects and the like, went neck-deep in kelp to make this film happen.  For ten days and nights, in September last year, a studio was created on the beach in Elands Bay for the Feral Fest, as the basis for raw material for this film. A wild and wacky community of surfers, artists, musicians, chefs, mystics and foragers took part in this collaborative filmmaking experience, culminating in a mini music fest, featuring West Coast Wolves and a campfire or two. Think Afrika Burn by the sea, (without the high finance hippies  on a weekend bender).

Despite being surfing obsessed for years, this is Bryan Little’s first time incorporating surfing into one of his creations. The film is a celebration of the west coast and the experience of the ocean in general, with surfing being used as the vehicle for exploration.

“With themes of the ocean, spirit, biology, identity, and our natural place in the world,
Deep Blue / Middle C is an interwoven story where fiction and non-fiction co-exist; as do memory and dreams. It is a glorious home video from an alternate reality, that is to be a surfer living and breathing on
the west coast of South Africa – to this sanctuary we make pilgrimages, to wash off the dirt of the world.”

Check the trailer below and get amped for something new from these fair shores…


Deep Blue / Middle C official trailer from Fly on the Wall on Vimeo.

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