14 July, 2017 14 July, 2017

Team Signings

This is a Call to All Groms!
Come and get your fav surfers autographs Friday night!
Billabong – Magnas Store
Joel Parkinson
Italo Ferreira
Jack Freestone
Frederico Morais
Ethan Ewing
Rip Curl – 37 Da Gama Road
Mick Fanning
Tyler Wright
Owen Wright
Gabriel Medina
Matt Wilkinson
Conner Coffin
Samuel Pupo
Jacob Willcox
Matt McGillivary
Leo Fioravanti
Kanoa Igarashi
Zeke Lau
Wiggolly Dantas
Jeremy Flores
Connor O’Leary
Michael February
Image: Greg Ewing

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