13 June, 2018 13 June, 2018

A fine, on Fire Durban

This isn’t Game of Thrones. Winter ain’t coming, it’s here. Take a look at some action that lit up Durban last winter and get amped for whats still to come. South Africa’s finest surfers pull into some of Durban’s finest waves. Blue barrels and deep tubes are driven by cyclones and cold fronts, pit the best against the best.

Video by Richard Hambloch

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  1. Glen Drysdale
    14 June, 2018 at 3:18 pm · Reply

    Excellent editing and understanding of how to pace the drama Richard. Well done.

    Great to see a production that breaks away from the quick cut edit style and image overload. Also , the music choice adds to the tension.

    Some intense tube riding by Davey Van Zyl.

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