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Let us tell you something before SA Champs began we were looking down the barrel of a horrible forecast. Relentlessly pumping onshore winds! Imagine chilling on the beach all day, sun blaring down, sand-blasted, sand all up in your ears and eyes and mouth! That would suck so much! Honestly, we’d rather take a lukewarm bath. But Mother Earth threw us a wildcard, she kept the onshore winds at bay and provided them groms with some rippable bowls to display their talents. Anyway, here’s a rundown of what happened on day 4 of the SA Junior Champs.

Oh yes, and special mention must be made of Captain Kai who’s birthday it is today! HBD captain!

Wish you were here girlfriend. Wish you were here. Image: Kody McGregor

U12 Boy’s – Anti-Atychiphobia

We’ve always noted that the U12 boy’s division surf with a remarkable freeness in heats. Unaffected by the world and its naysayers. Never for a moment second-guessing a decision, because what they’re currently doing, is all they really know. Thus you’ll often come across exemplary 12-year-old surfers, the world their oyster, landing air reverses before they can do a proper roundhouse cutback, making your 5 years of attempting the same manoeuvre seem foolish! It is often noted that artwork done by kids pre-schooling is far more interesting, raw and unadulterated than after being institutionalised by a school art teacher. And that’s how the U12 boy’s surf. Without fear of failure. Raw, loose and free. 

Kai Hall. All business. All day. Image: Kody McGregor

The winners of today’s quarterfinal u12 heat totals read like this: 

Heat 1: Josh Malherbe – 14.50

Heat 2: Kai Hall – 15.07

Heat 3: Nate Colby -18.50  2nd: Joel Fowles – 14.00 

The U12 boys have historically always been an exciting division to watch, but now we’re not just seeing one or two kids stepping it up, going big, looking unbelievable, but rather 5 or 6 kids in the division. Best you keep an eye on those names mentioned above, and BTW, the kids are damn well alright!

Josh Malherbe. Forever young. Forever groms. Image: Kody McGregor

Zoe Steyn – Miss Consistent 

In any junior contest countrywide, you could bet your house on the fact that Zoe would end her heat with at least one excellent score in her heat total. And that would be a safe bet. Zoe’s suddenly found herself traveling the world doing surf contests; Japan a couple weeks ago and Huntington Beach, California coming up, but that hasn’t affected her performance one bit.  Today she dropped a near perfect 9.77 for two HUGE backhand cracks on a single wave. And yes you read correctly, two! That’s two whips on a long ass point break that you can complete multiple turns on. That should inform you of the size of those two cracks. Bet the U16 boys are thanking their lucky stars they don’t have Zoe Steyn in their heat draws.

Zoe Steyn, putting fear in the hearts of the U16 boys. Image: Kody McGregor

Vote Underdog – Vote Lele Zozi

Nothing like an underdog story to warm your heart! Here at Zag, we dig SA Champs, cause we get to see guys from all ’round the country, kids you’ve never ever heard of or seen, kids unsponsored, cash-strapped, unable to travel the country to other junior contests, you get to see these kids take on the big names! And you get to see them take them out. Often times they roll with yellowed boards, no stickers, no real coaches, but the ocean doesn’t favour no fancy board, and that’s what we dig about surfing, in those 20mins, all members are equal. 

Hailing from the seven double eight, Muizenberg, Lele has looked like a fat pink pig in some dirty brown mud on the slopey powerless walls of Lower Point. Lele surfed his way through the repo charge round and all the way to the semifinals. Mr. Zozi has a great backhand. Superb. His timing is on point. He looks confident through turns and doesn’t rush his off the tops. And damn does he have a mean backhand whip! Where most surfers tend to stab the lip, Lele does more of a carve off the top, and it looks gorgeous and lacks no power. We’re hoping Lele makes the final maybe even claim a victory! But even if he doesn’t, a semifinal finish in the premier U18 boy’s division is a great result and one that Lele can be proud of. Any sponsors looking to invest? 

Any sponsors looking to acquire some real estate? Lele’s board is vacant and ready for sticking. Image: Kody McGregor

Calvin Goor – Its Man Hour

Calvin Goor’s been ‘round town for a while now, but for some reason, we haven’t seen him take to the podium in any major comps for some time now. And to be honest, we’re not sure why. Calvin surfs like a full grown man, with power, laying down the law like a judge in parliament dropping a gavel when he lays it on the rail. Spray for days! 

Calvin may have lost a sticker, but his surfing hasn’t skipped a beat. No sir. His surfing remains top-notch. And isn’t it cool to see a grom push through some hard times and continue surfing at a high level!? It’s like sticking it to the man! Calvin has realized that he doesn’t need the backing of a sponsor to give him the confidence to win. Screw the sticker! Shred till you’re dead baby! We wanna see a fire lit under Calvin, a desire to stick it to the man and take out the ‘big names’ with stickers on their boards. He’s certainly got the potential!

Calvin Goor allegedly smashed 4 ‘MAN-SIZED” Lunch Bars before he laid into this here carve. Image: Kody McGregor

Are master lensman, Kody McGregor has been slaving away all damn day long to deliver you the gallery below. So enjoy it.



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