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8 Moments That Defined 2012

8 Moments That Defined 2012 – Because we don’t feel like counting to 10 right now.


1. Cloudbreak Big Wave Freesurf During Volcom Pro Fiji

“Everywhere I looked one of my best friends was getting the best wave of their life.” Ian Walsh

The specialists were there, and those on tour with sizeable plumbing joined them for a free surf that was thankfully broadcasted live, giving people around the globe a chance to watch a free surf session that will never go again.

Most who were there agree that there were no real stand-outs for the day – everyone enjoyed some of the best waves of their lives and raised the bar significantly. Check out the highlights above.


2. The Pipe Masters Showdown

“If I win, I win and if I lose, I lose. I’ll still wake up and go surfing. If I win, it’s not going to change me.” – Joel Parkinson, before becoming World Champion

In years gone by, we’ve seen title races over by September. Not this year, where it was decided only in the second last heat of the year. It made for a great underdog story and one that finished accordingly. After more than a decade of trying, and during which everyone knew he had the potential, he finally got it together. He also silenced any critics by going on to win the event. Good on ye, Parko!


3. Dane Reynolds – The Turn That Was Heard Around the World

“I’m gonna go out and say that’s pretty much one of the gnarliest turns I’ve ever seen in my whole life,” – Shane Dorian

About this time a year ago, Dane announced his intention to walk away from the tour and focus on free surfing. When he has decided it’s worth his while to slip on a contest vest, he’s done more than adequately. But, there was one moment in particular that made the surfing world stop dead in its tracks.
Overgunned with a 6’5” and frustrated with the heat, he threw down a layback turn that ended with the powerful Californian sticking a nosepick under a solid Haliewa lip and riding it out backwards. He was awarded a 7.33 for it. To be fair, the judges can’t be expected to know how to score something like that.


4. Bianca’s Qualification

“When I started believing in my mind, that’s when I started doing it.” Bianca on Bianca

After a first place in the Movistar Pro in Peru, where she bested former world champ and local favourite Sofia Mulanovich, a WCT ticket began to look realistically achievable. Then, the quarters and semis in the 6-star events became the norm before her next victory at the SATA airlines Azores Pro, which put her in the big league. With one stellar year behind her, we look forward to cheering on the Vic Bay goofyfoot through the year to come. Bianca has already proven she can take it up a notch when she needs to, and will surely keep pace, if not put herself in front.


5. Travis Logie – Taking Names at Santa Cruz

“These points are massive.” – Travis Logie, reaping rewards

With his back against the wall, he’s at his most dangerous. He claimed some big scalps with his savage backhand and even took out World Champ to be, Parko, in the quarter finals to keep the title race going until Pipe. Although he fell in the semis to eventual winner Taj Burrow, his equal career best 3rd place gave him the boost needed to stay on tour and to go to Hawaii with the pressure off. Like one wave makes a session, one good result can make a season. Well done, Trav, we look forward to another year of you keeping our fingernails short.


6. The ASP / ZoSea Media tie-up

“We’ve known this is the right model for a long time, but we hadn’t found the right partner until ZoSea came to the table with their proposal.” Quiksilver event director, and ASP Board member Rod Brooks

In October, the ASP announced that it had entered into partnership with ZoSea Media. But who are they? Not even Google seems to know. What we do know is that they will own the media rights for ASP events, and so they believe that there is money to be made off them. Also, key players are Terry Hardy, Slater’s agent, and Paul Speaker, who sits on Quik’s board of directors and has a curious history in various media and production companies. With the initial agreement signed, a more formal arrangement was meant to be out about now. Whatever comes of it, expect big changes to the tour – whether it’s new venues or non-surfing headline sponsors becoming a reality in 2014, it will be exciting to watch it unfold.


7. Hurricane Sandy

“It was a crazed outlaw that mated with a massive evil low-pressure system to create the biggest maelstrom to ever smash this region.” Jon Coen, for ESPN

Battered coastlines and torn-up communities dominated the world’s media outlets. From the Caribbean to Nova Scotia, beaches that should be shoulder high and fun were triple overhead and deadly. Points that never work lit up like it was Christmas. East Coast locals welcomed their Western friends for a change. The Swell of the Year has to go to the ill-tempered Sandy who spewed out lines the likes of which have never been seen before. True, there was immense destruction as homes and lives were ripped asunder. Still, it’s worth remembering that even in her most violent, the beautiful creative forces of nature can still hold us spellbound.


8. The Billabong Pro J-Bay

“It is cooking Supertubes, but where are all the people?” Greg Emslie

After being somewhat snubbed in 2011, the iconic lines of Supertubes decided it was time to remind the world what the place was all about. With the Mr Price Pro finishing a few days prior, there were plenty international pros around to sample her wares. The opening three days fired in full glory and day three saw an unprecedented four perfect 10s. Shaun Holmes would break a board and a fin of his replacement in the same heat. Dale Staples would fly the flag for the Saffas and defeat John John before losing out to Aritz Aranburu in the quarters. The eventual winner of the event was Adriano de Souza, but the real claim can be made by the location itself.


9. Your Pick Here

Because this is a democracy and we believe the reader should have their say, we’re leaving this one open to you, as a gift. Consider it a late Christmas present. But, also because we’re feeling lazy. Actually, mostly because we’re feeling lazy. Because it’s holidays and stuff. Give us your moment that defined surfing in 2012 in the comments section below.



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    Jordy releasing his first own profile movie, ‘Bending Colours’ with Kai Neville.

  2. Mark Otto
    10 January, 2013 at 1:11 pm · Reply

    “Electric Blue Heaven” Winning the best Short Film at the 2012 Surfer Poll Awards. Marking the beginning of a new era for Surfing in man made Wavepools…Watch this space…

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