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4m+ White Shark Buzzes the Nahoon Line-up

Well, it’s no secret Nahoon reef is sharky. No, sir! No secret at all. But when a fish the size of a bus dwarfs your goat boat that’s definitely noteworthy. Big sharks are popping up all over recently, especially between Plett and East London. In fact, just yesterday the NSRI issued a warning to ocean users regarding 3 sizey white sharks cruising just off backline in Plett, one by the wreck and two others at Robberg 5.

So, when we checked Bruce Viaene post on social media about his close encounter with his mate  Aaron Riley out at Nahoon, we thought we’d strike up a convo. Here’s a shark story that ends well, for everyone! 

Who says no to dreamy conditions like this at Nahoon?

(Zag) Hear you had a run-in with a unit of a shark this arvo?

(Bruce Viaene) Bru, nothing short of a prehistoric behemoth of a great white. The thing took a laka sniff at Aaron Reilly’s ass .. not much more. Was the biggest thing I’ve ever seen.  Aaron was pretty shaken. 

Yah, nothing like a shark encounter to heighten the senses ey, how big you reckon the shark was?

Bro, from my angle the fin towered above him. My mind f**ked out a bit because its tail popped up a couple of meters behind the dorsal and I couldn’t comprehend at that moment if it was another shark. So the gap between fins was f**king long, the thing was 4+m for sure!!

Yah no, that’s a big shark bru, basically a mini-sub!

When I shouted to Aaron that there was a shark on him, it was so close I thought it was going to mount him! It was emotional, Aaron gave me a hug and through in a kiss on our cement walkway when his toes were dry. Nightmarish stuff!

Was the shark just cruising through hey? 

Yeah, he was super inquisitive. Came up silently behind Aaron and silently disappeared once I shouted and he moved. If it had attacked, well… it would not have been a matter of a few scratches that’s for sure.

Following on from Bruce, we reached out to Aaron to get his take on the encounter, enjoy!





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  1. Timothy Red
    2 August, 2019 at 11:32 am · Reply

    Glad to hear all are ok and could have been far worse. Big up to my fellow waveski mate Big Balls Bruce….. This is the third encounter with what I think the same shark. Last week Friday they closed the beach and we were called in from corner and I saw the shark big mofo, saw no one calling the Okes in at reef so then ran round to reef watched out for it and eventually it got too close and so I called the Okes in. It was then allegedly spotted again on Saturday. So guys please be very alert and vigilant and look out for each other.

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