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4 Things Concerning the Title Race

In lieu of the Corona Open J-Bay, the sharks, the heat re-surfs, the wild water patrol wave riding extravaganza, there were certain key aspects that one must take note of heading into the back half of the 2017 season.  The WSL have been claiming the title race since the beginning of the year, literally babbling on about it after Bells Beach. WHAT!? HOW!? Half the CT is still on holiday at Bells Beach. Luckily here at Zigzag we know when to bring up the elephant in the competitors’ area, and it’s right about now, after J-Bay, heading into Tahiti. So kick back, and have a go at these 4 tasty treats.

How Long Can Wilko Claim Yellow

Yeah Wilko’s been in the hot seat before, and yes he came second at Snapper and won Fiji, but moving towards the back half of the season, we don’t see him hanging on to that magic yellow jersey for much longer. He can keep the yellow hue in his Corona lifestyle video ads, but here at Zag, we reckon the yellow in his jersey will be gone before the conclusion of Trestles. And there ain’t nothing Mr Hall can do about it. His heat strategies and Wilko’s backhand whip can only keep the ravenous top 34 at bay for so long.

Wilko has a filthy mean backhand whip, but how long will it keep him on top? Image: Ewing

John John Florence is Beatable

Probably the most well rounded, wave intelligent human on planet earth, JJF is electric in all conditions. You can throw any wave his way, and he’ll blitz it. From one foot closeout beach breaks to 10 foot lumpy, windy, bumpy Margaret River, the man’s on fire. He must be an absolute nightmare of a heat draw. Imagine, just for a second, drawing JJF in a heat. You might as well call your team manager and ask him to book your flights back home. But guys have taken him out! And they do it by throwing the kitchen sink at him… then walking into the bathroom, ripping out the toilet bowl and throwing that as well! JJF has it hard, when guys come up against him, they ain’t holding back and JJF has subsequently been burnt by homies with far less talent, going as hard as they can.

There’s only one way to beat JJF. And that’s to throw the kitchen sink, toilet bowl and a coupla shower heads at him. Image: Thurtell

Jordy Smith is Going for the Title

A 9th at Snapper, 5th at Margaret River, 1st at Bells, 5th at Rio, 13th at Fiji and a 5th at J-Bay, the big man’s results are looking pretty good heading into Tahiti. It’s not a wave Jordy’s done particularly well at, but pig-dogging has been on his agenda for a while now, logging some time at Skeleton Bay. And pig-dogging one wave at the Namibian dream is probably like pig-dogging 5 waves at Teahupo’o. So it’s safe to say, the Smithster has his ass well warmed up to stall himself deep in that crystal blue pit come Tahiti.

Will this be the Jordy’s year? Image: Ewing

Filipe Toledo Will be a Title Contender

If you’re not convinced that Filipe will become a title contender after his performance at the Corona Open J-Bay, maybe you forgot to take your pills? Homies doubted his ability to tackle thumping Margaret River, he came third, they doubted him at big J-Bay, he won the entire event. Combo’ing most of his opponents. Opponents who happened to be pointbreak stalwarts. He may not be in the title race by the end of this year, but here at Zigzag, we’ve gazed into the crystal ball we have lying round our office, and we’ve seen a vision, a vision of Filipe Toledo lying on a king size bed, unmitigated except for hundreds of hundred dollar bills covering his nudity. We’re not sure what the vision means, but somewhere we smell success.

Filipe ain’t afraid of hitting big sections no more. Image: Ewing


  1. Chad schwab
    27 July, 2017 at 6:04 am · Reply

    I believe to some extent it’s all a charade. At the end of the day it’s a spectators sport. Throwing a 10 at Fred to beat John only makes the title race more exciting towards the end of the year. We all agree he didn’t deserve that score. I would love to see the viewership stats when Kelly won his title in Brazil compared to when he won it at the end of the year in Hawaii.

    Of course this cannot happen all time with the ever changing variables Mother Nature throws out there. But if the WSL gets the chance they will do everything in there power to make it more exciting. Even if that’s robbing deserving surfers of scores

    Perhaps they even planned that shark to swim up the point when it did? (I’m just kidding) .

  2. Steve
    27 July, 2017 at 3:53 pm · Reply

    Yeah ….it is kinda like the paper weight fly boys have had enough of being seen as powerless. Needless to say that Toledo in particular was looking to prove a point with the WSL after been banned from Fiji.Variety and innovation can in fact be morphed with the old school power mindset.So the judges have blown a gasket somewhere amongst this….those half point scoring ranges between a 9 and a 10 are simply not accurate enough anymore. Wat ever brazzos !!!!!!- Smith world Champ 2017

  3. Eug
    29 July, 2017 at 4:31 pm · Reply

    Its a year full of spoilers and contenders…

    One person who is also creeping into the race (and not mentioned here) is Medina.

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