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4 People We Wanna See Entries From

There’s always that one guy at your local: The Heat Seeker. Wherever he is, the A-frames synchronously arrive. More often than not these guys find the groove, and snag the bomb of the day.

With so many talented surfers in SA with a variety of backgrounds ranging from soul glider to competition machine, it’s easy to forget about (some) of them. Well, we’re here to illuminate these tube hounds, and just maybe give them some extra motivation to drag some over excited filmer down the beach to capture the magic of their next session. 

That is – if 10 grand and a return flight to Hawaii wasn’t enough motivation.

Cover ©: Blumberg

Sean “Billy” Payne was a kid prodigy who did exceptionally well locally and abroad. Having hung up his competitive fins, you’ll commonly find him tearing up the St Francis, Supers, and Bruce’s Beauties walls with a wave riding intuition seldom seen. When it gets throaty Mr Payne gets stuck right in and spat right out. Somebody get a camera on this kid! 

Grant “Twiggy” Baker and Sean Payne Surfing Namibia from Silver Bullet Films on Vimeo.


Frank Oberholzer. The name alone conjures up visions of spinning, crystal blue tubes and casual, searing carves. Living in his South Coast hometown of Warner Beach, Frank may keep a low profile but he’s always on the swell pulse. If you don’t already know, he’s hands down the most enigmatic surfer that SA lays claim to, and is a guru in the art of translating a liquid canvas. We know Frank was recently in Mozam, and that it was kinda cooking, so let’s be patient and hope that the guys managed the link up between lens and magic moment.

Frankie O, perennially stylish, no matter the occasion. ©: Ewing


Some people have a feel for certain waves that you must just sit back and admire. Kommetjie local, Wesley Grey, is one of those people. Born in the Deep South and bred on the detonating drainers of Krans, Dunes, the Hoek, and the Reserve, the tall goofy footer is almost always on the wave of the day. Particularly if it’s a freight train left hander.


The last of our money bets falls to Ian Armstrong. Another of the warhorse generation, he splits his time equally between shaping, surfing and his family. Having mastered many of the Cape’s heaviest waves such as Crayfish Factory, Outer Kom and Dungeons, this is one surfer very capable of manhandling an Atlantic beast or two and could be in serious contention for a winning submission. 

Ian Armstrong obtained this filthy barrel during the Kalk Bay Shootout. It was so heavy, it made the spectators on the beach shiver with fear. ©: Clapham


It’s anybody’s game. But the clock is ticking. The horses are out the gates and the entries are coming in from coast to coast. The Striped Horse Challenge is offering a tantalisingly rich reward and all you got to do is get barrelled!? No brainer! Get your local film guys on speed dial, watch those charts, and when the dust settles you could find yourself in your boardies contemplating whether to paddle Pipe, Rockies or Sunset.


*The Striped Horse Challenge presented by Zigzag in association with Hurricane Surf will be rewarding the winner with 30k cash, a return flight to Hawaii and 10k to the photographer/videographer that captures it.


Find out more about the Striped Horse Challenge here.


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