1 October, 2018 1 October, 2018


“Spending so much time at the beach and in the ocean, I find the amount of ocean trash and that found on our beaches on a daily basis to be a major social issue. Not only are we fighting a trash problem to save our ecosystems, but we are also needing to enlightening and change an existing mindset” – Chantelle Donald

Now this, this right here, is exactly what this campaign aims to reward. A monumental effort from Chantelle. Her video is doing the rounds on social media quickly racking up the views. From everyone here in the Zag cave as well as every marine critter out there, we salute you. Thank you for doing what you can where you can. 

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  1. Chantelle Donald
    2 October, 2018 at 7:26 am · Reply

    Whooooooooo hoooo!!
    I am over the moon with excitement and completely thrilled. I cant thank you and the ZIGZAG team enough. Thank you, thank you, thank yooooou guys!! Compliments to the entire ZIGZAG team for being on the leading edge as a company that cares enough to create this awesome competition, helping to create a mindful awareness for a much needed plight. I wish more companies and organisations would follow suit. Currently, I feel I’m about to be schooled in some awesome new age board technology and am feeling super thrilled and lucky for this amazing opportunity.

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