10 September, 2018 10 September, 2018


Sean Moran, before we proceed with informing you that you are this months winner of the Tuffy Clean Your Beach competition, we want you to give yourself a fat pat on the back. Good job man, going above and beyond the call of duty on this one. We do hope you enjoy your fresh new firewire, we’ll be in touch. To find out how you can get your hands on a fresh new Firewire, click this link here.

“I live in Kommetjie and the ocean has been my potion for as long as I can remember like many of us. Me and my family, often go to Ebay for weekends. Recently after stormy days, 16 August, we discovered a male southern right whale laying on the shore of Yoyos, Lamberts Bay.

On the walk, we were shocked by the amount of plastic laying in the sands and on top of the dunes and further. I went up again with the bakkie to do a TOTAL BEACH CLEAN UP a few days later.

With our holistic vision of life, we have made a point to be awakened and ACT upon that so-called environmental consciousness, I am a man on a mission to leave my kids, our kids, all kids and all kind… a better future. I am looking forward to bringing that simple activism to another level” – Sean Moran 


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