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Zigzag presents… The Maldives!

Now that travel has started to open up again, we hit up our friends at Pollywog to put together a premium boat trip package exclusive to South Africans. We pushed them to create a trip that is high in quality and easy on the pocket. Something that allows surfers to enjoy uncrowded, consistent waves without having to re-mortgage the house. After some research we came to a conclusion that the Central Atolls in the Maldives is the place to go. The Central Atoll ticks every box in terms of wave quality and consistency. Better yet, crowds are totally manageable, with a variety of world class waves to choose from.

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The ‘Atoll Jade’ is the newest surf charter in Pollywog’s fleet, operated exclusively for World Surfaris with space for up to 12 surfers.  This Central Atolls surf charter will be running 10 night sailings from April – October with our experienced surf guide and crew ensuring you are surfing some of the more remote and incredible waves that the Maldives has to offer. 

Unlike the design of many of the surf charter boats in the Maldives, Atoll Jade is unique with the accommodation space available.  There are 10 air-conditioned suites with full size windows, providing panoramic views of the pristine Indian Ocean at all times.  All suites also have their own ensuite bathroom with hot and cold water showers.  Another great feature of the Atoll Jade is the onboard desalination plant capable of keeping up to 12 guests fully hydrated for a month! 

Surfed out? You will be. Atoll Jade has 3 spacious areas to kick your feet up to relax when you aren’t enjoying the waves.  A large dining area and bar to the stern of the boat is the main ‘hang out’ spot.  As you wander through the wide open hallway, you come to a comfortable TV room where you can relax, read a book from the library or put a movie on.  Finally, the top deck is a popular spot to get some solitude, relax in a hammock or give yourself the best vantage point to see your mates shredding the break you are lucky enough to be perched alongside.

Book this trip here and now! Email us at online@zigzag.co.za

Non-Surfing Partners Welcome! Atoll Jade is perfect for everyone.  The crew make life on board extremely comfortable and enjoyable with regular dinner parties, karaoke, island excursions, snorkelling tours, SUP tours and much more. 

The Central Atolls is the most diverse region for surfers in the Maldives. In total, 4 atolls make up the region with Meemu, Thaa, Dhaalu and Laamu Atolls picking up consistent swell at over 20 different breaks.

Due to the distance and time it takes to reach certain surf breaks in the Central Atolls, traveling by surf charter is the best way to find uncrowded, world class waves. This is also the reason that quite often, you may not even see another group of surfers during your trip across the 4 main surfing atolls. Some of the best waves include Muli, Inside Mikados, Machine and Ying Yangs.

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