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Zigzag 47.2 – Sneak Peek

ZIGZAG 47.2 – MOZAMBIQUE – ‘Surf Paradise’ – is out now!

Here’s a sneak peek into the latest issue of Zigzag. It’s all about the land of palm trees and peri peri! This issue dives into the sessions, the history and the future of surfing in Mozambique.

Available via courier, in post boxes and on the shelves of your favourite surf shops, coffee shops, airports and primo coastal Woolworths, Spars, Checkers, Pick n Pay and more… Or just buy it right here, now!

THE LAND OF GOOD PEOPLE – A brief history of (surfing in) Moz – from the Gondwana supercontinent, through the early-human, pre-colonial, independence and civil-war periods, to the free and easy nation we know and love today.

BURNT RETINAS – Surfers have been exploring Mozambican waves for the last 30 years or so. We track the memorable sessions that established the myth of this tropical African surf paradise.

IT TAKES A VILLAGE – A grassroots mentorship and diversion programme in Praia do Tofo has set the tempo for the rapid uptake, growth and development of Mozambique’s fledgling surf culture. This is their story.

SURF É VIDA – How two Brasukas (Brazilians living abroad) came to Ponta do Ouro and established the town’s first surf therapy programme; and in so doing, are making a huge impact in the local community.

BEYOND THE BEACH – Mozambique is more than just palm trees, white sandy beaches and turquoise seas. Angus Begg guides us off the beaten path to the Gorongosa National Park.

SURFING NEAR A WARZONE – Surf explorer John Seaton Callahan explores the Nampula province for surf potential, and makes several significant discoveries in an area that’s currently on the edge of an Islamist insurgency.

THE DANCE AND DESTRUCTION – A recent cyclone swell lights up a perfect sandbar, attracting a collection of the world’s most talented professional surfers and offering a glimpse of the future of Mozambican surf culture.

Cover Image by – Greg Ewing

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