18 May, 2022 18 May, 2022

York in France

The Monster Combo Round 3 Local Hero, York Van Jaarsveldt, has spent the last few months in France working closely with his shaper and scoring world class waves!

York just dropped an edit of his best clips at home and in France over the past few months. We had the chance to catch up with York about his experience in France and here’s what he had to say, “France is such an interesting place so many great restaurants with such a variety of different cuisines, such good coffee and firing waves with no one out pretty much all the time unless it’s perfect A frame barrels for kilometres on end which is most of the time but the locals don’t think so.

I’ve spent most of my time in Capbreton, the smaller residential area just south of Hossegor where there’s fun, punchy and less populated waves than the main beaches about a five minute drive from where the hub of surfing is in France. The waves in France are very similar to most beach breaks in SA, hard paddle outs and there’s always lots of water moving.

It’s been a pleasure to be able to enjoy such good waves on such great boards, I mostly rode a 6’0 and when the wind waves turned up I had a 6’4 pin that I really enjoyed threading big barrels with.

It’s been a great opportunity to experience amazing waves and the different cultures of France and Spain thanks to Alessandro Pierre.”

Thankfully for us York isn’t the only one who’s benefited from his time in France. For just a few minutes we get a glimpse into his experience. Sit back and enjoy. 

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