7 July, 2022 7 July, 2022

West by Southwest | The Eli Beukes Story

The West Coast of South Africa is a barren, unforgiving stretch of coast, littered with kelp and waves. This is where Eli Beukes first ventured into the water before moving to the surfing epicentre of Cape Town, moulding him into the surfer he is today.

“There’s a good variety of waves up here, but it’s hardly ever perfect. If you want to surf here, you have to be able to surf everything.” Says Eli when asked about the waves on the West Coast. 

It’s clear to see that this sort of environment has shaped the way Eli surfs. He’s your typical top-tier modern surfer in terms of having all the tricks in the book, but his ability to showcase his skills in all conditions and with such charisma is something not often seen. 

We dived deep into the ‘Eli Beukes Story’ in out latest issue, ‘Zigzag Magazine 46.3’ and got to know a lot more about one of South Africa’s hottest upcoming talents. 

Make sure to order your copy of the mag or purchase it in store to read the full story. In the meantime enjoy this cinematic representation of the ‘Eli Beukes Story’.

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