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Seeing SA surfing’s finest talents owning it on the world stage, gets us… Every. Damn. Time! Introducing the new VANS x MFEB collection.

The man oozes sauce in and out the water. MFeb’s collection might not make you surf like him but at least you’ll look the part on land. Drip or drown as they say…

Mikey leads a life of purpose and intention, both on and off his board. The intention and determination that February displays riding a wave is the same intention and determination he applies to life off the board, a mindset that’s helped him to become one of the world’s most accomplished surfers.

All these accomplishments while remaining the same affable, accessible individual he’s always been, a hometown hero who founded his non-profit organisation with his wife and was the first Black African surfer to qualify for the WSL Championship Tour. Now, February’s unique cocktail of intention, determination, openness, and love of community has been put on display across his new collection of apparel and footwear with Vans Surf.

There’s an air of romance to the solitary surfer conquering an intimidating wave. Still, the community and culture of surfing are a large part of what makes surfing so memorable. The Vans Surf x Mikey February collection explores both of these pillars of the sport in true “Off the Wall” style with pieces designed for feats of bravery, skill, and athleticism, as well as items intended for the “before” and “after” moments like the Ultrarange Neo VR3, a brand-new, sustainability-focused model with striking design lines and bold paneling.

Besides the Ultrarange Neo VR3, the collection also consists of the Surf Boot 2 Hi VStyle 36 Decon VR3 SF in rich brown and glossy black, and an Authentic VR3 with a kick-down heel (for ease of entry and egress) in “Shadow.” Each VR3 sneaker features materials like regenerative leather and bio-based foam.

This is a step towards Vans’ goal of sourcing 100% of its top 4 CO2 impact materials (cotton, leather, rubber, and polyester) from regenerative, responsibly sourced, renewable, and/or recycled sources by 2030. Besides footwear, the Vans Surf x Mikey February collection also offers the Ever-Ride BoardshortSS Woven ShirtChore JacketSS TeeAuthentic Pant, and Tote Bag.

February all day, every day. See the full Mikey February 
Collection now on vans.com/surf

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