6 December, 2022 6 December, 2022

The Nathan Florence Collection

The less famous Florence brother Nathan is no stranger to the inside of a heaving pit. He travels the world chasing the biggest storms and hunting the craziest waves on the planet.

Along with his long time partner Vans, he’s just released a range inspired by his global pursuits.

Built with travel in mind, the collection leads with the UltraRange™ VR3, and is rounded out with the Slip-On TRK, Surf Boot 2 Mid, Nexpa Synthetic sandal, and an assortment of functional apparel pieces. This head-to-toe collection of true essentials includes all of Nathan’s favorite footwear and apparel, built around functionality and versatility, all in his signature red and black motif, and adorned with signature details that appear on all of his surfboards.

Not many surfers are as at home on the North Shore as Nathan Florence. Hailing from Haleiwa, he can be found charging waves on the biggest days, and his accomplishments in heavy surf over the years speak for themselves. Growing up in the fierce brotherly battle of who could pull into the biggest tube or launch the highest air, Nathan was shaped into the charger he is today by never backing down.

Vans’ Nathan Florence Collection is available now at select Vans Surf retailers and at vans.co.za/surf/.


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