10 July, 2023 10 July, 2023

The Migration Has Begun… Corona Open J-Bay

It’s that time of the year again. Ballito Pro is done and dusted which means it’s time to migrate South to the endless lines of Jeffrey’s Bay. Supertubes has been on the cook the past few days and we’re hoping it continues to do so throughout the Corona Open J-Bay waiting period. This years window is from 13-22 July, the Zag team are in the thick of the great migration and will be covering the event from start to finish.

It’s always exciting to see the local wildcards have a go at the big dogs. This year is no different. Sarah Baum and Adin Masencamp are the two highest ranked Africans on the Challenger Series and therefore earned themselves spots in the Corona Open J-Bay. Both Sarah and Adin have been on a tear this year and look determined to make it onto the tour for 2024. This event will be a good test run for them and we have a feeling they could do some serious damage… 

We managed to link up with Adin on a recent strike mission to J-Bay and can confirm he’s got what it takes! Enjoy this pre-event teaser of Adin throwing himself at the endless walls of Jeffrey’s Bay.

Film & Edit by – Calvin Thompson | Written by – David Armstrong | Image by – Kody McGregor

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