17 July, 2023 17 July, 2023

The Greatest (Interview) Of All Time | Connecting with Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater and the Surfers Not Street Children had a surf sesh at Magna Tubes this morning and we caught up with the GOAT and Tom Hewitt for a little chinwag afterwards. 

We got to hear Kelly’s thoughts on SNSC, Mozambican Surf Culture, the Corona Open J-Bay 2023 and lots more…

Film & Edit by – Calvin Thompson / Mhlengi Mbutho

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  1. John
    2 August, 2023 at 12:15 am · Reply

    1995. The Night the boks won the world cup. We went to celebrate at Joe Kools. I have very skinny arms so I managed to slide two long toms of beer in both sleeves of my grey jersey- looked like normal size arms. Very fortunate the bouncer didn’t notice.

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