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Surf Confident with Sharkbanz!

It’s been an intense week for South African ocean lovers. A freediver in the Transkei and a surfer in Jeffreys Bay were both attacked by sharks within a matter of days… There was also a shark scare in Port Alfred.

South Africa is blessed with an abundant ocean that is wild and alive and sharks are a big part of that. 

It’s that time of year when shark activity spikes along the Southern African coastline. One way of reducing your risk without harming our sea life is Sharkbanz. 

Here’s a testimonial from Jeremy Hare from Wetsuit Warehouse, “Do Sharkbanz work? They work for me. I was diving at Cape Point, Feb 20, 2019, Spearfishing and I had a small 2.8M [Great] White swim up to me in the Kelp. Came very, very close. Cruising along on the edge in a little clearing. It turned very passively, it wasn’t threatening at all. It came toward me and got within about a meter – head on. And I had my Sharkbanz around my ankle, and it got within range of that and it went absolutely beserk”. It freaked out, spun around and took off through the thickest part of the kelp just bashing a path out. Yeah, and the only thing I can think of is that it came within range of the Sharkbanz and freaked out.

So I never get in the water without it, especially in Cape waters where there are a lot of sharks around.

And I know the guys who spearfish off Cape Point, Cape Agulhas, when they’ve got the Sharkbanz around their ankles, their success rate of keeping their fish that they’ve shot out of the jaws of the Raggies (grey Nurse shark) and the Bronzies is 100x better than the guys who don’t have a Sharkbanz. The one story of the guy [with Sharkbanz] who shot 10 Yellowtail, landed 10 Yellowtail. His mates jumped in the water and they shot 28 and only landed 2 [without Sharkbanz]. The guy then gave [his mates] each a Sharkbanz and then they landed 10 out of 18, but most of those 8 that the sharks got were right after spearing and out of the range of the Sharkbanz.

So yeah, for us, at Wetsuit Warehouse, it’s an absolute no-brainer. We all wear them.”


Both their Wearable and Fishing products use the same proven technology, which is Always ON and does not use batteries nor require any charging. The tech is simple and effective. Sharkbanz tell sharks we aren’t food and aren’t worth investigating – keeping both sides safer.



Sharks use electroreception (sensitivity to electric fields) to hunt and navigate. Our powerful deterrent field is exponentially greater than any electric field a shark would naturally encounter. Sharkbanz do not harm sharks or any other ocean animal, but signals sharks to stay away.



Marine biologists compare this deterrent sensation a shark feels to a “bright light” suddenly shining in your eyes when in a dark room. Sharkbanz technology is validated by a decade’s worth of research and testing from independent scientists and government field studies.

Make sure you surf comfortably and confidentially wherever you are. Click this link to purchase a Sharkbanz

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