13 June, 2022 13 June, 2022

Silver Linings Starring Jordy Smith | Ep 8

In episode 8, Jordy travels back home to South Africa to spend time with his dad, work on equipment, and test some boards before leaving for the Australian leg of the tour, a place where Jordy has seen success on tour and is one of his favourite spots to come back too.

Ahead of the Bells event Jordy taps into the energy of Australia to get reacquainted with the surf, catch up with old friends, and get his new boards dialed before the events kicks off.


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  2. Sven
    25 June, 2022 at 8:01 pm · Reply

    Jordy still rips and his down to earth, straight forward attitude and just his general behaviour makes us all SA surfers proud. As I said 2 contest’s ago, he
    is having his worst wsl year ever. From a serious world title contender to struggling to get out of the elimination rounds. I think he should start looking
    at quitting, get the impression with marriage, child his hearts not really into touring anymore.

    Matthew Mcgillivray, what a fighter!! Never gives up, even under some serious heavy pressure. Total respect.

    As I said 2 comps ago, Toledo is going to be the new world champion. He is so fast and utterly destroys any wave. He deserves to
    be world champ, is the most on form, hottest, consistent surfer on the tour. At his home break, Trestles, unless he has a seriously
    bad day or sick no-one can touch him. I cannot remember when but he was in the finals at Trestles a few years back. Caught 2
    insiders and just went to town. Spray and gouging rail everywhere on a wave I would struggle to do 1 decent turn on. Heat was over in 10 minutes.

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