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Have a Safe Summer with Plakkie and PIFB…

For every ten pairs of Pink Is For Buoys Plakkie flip-flops sold, the NSRI puts up a Pink Buoy Rescue system next to a South African beach or dam. 

If you’re a regular at any one of South Africa’s main surfing beaches, chances are you’ve seen the Pink Buoy Rescue System. These innovative flotation devices were designed to prevent the many unnecessary drownings that occur when untrained swimmers try to assist people in distress in the water. In such situations, it is often the person who comes to assist who ends up getting pulled under by the person they are trying to save due to panic.

But with the Pink Buoy Rescue system, even if there is no lifeguard on duty, a person struggling in the water can be safely assisted without compromising the safety of anyone else. The flotation device can be thrown out to the person in distress, allowing them to grab onto it and stay afloat until help arrives. The buoy is attached to a rope, so once the person has hold of it, they can be pulled to safety. The bright pink colour of the buoy makes it highly visible from a distance, so rescue authorities can easily spot it in the water.

Since the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) started installing these systems in November 2017, over 1000 Pink Rescue Buoys have been put in place and over 100 lives have been saved.

By purchasing a pair of PIFB Plakkies, you can help support the installation of more of these lifesaving systems at South Africa’s dams and beaches. Your contribution will make a real difference in keeping our waters safe for all.

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