13 April, 2022 13 April, 2022
Zigzag 46.2

Ghana Get Some

Celebrating Original Ghanaian Surf Culture.

A Long weekend at Busua Beach celebrating original Ghanaian surf culture, instigated by Michael February and his Juju Surf Club for Vans Checkerboard Day.

“When you go to a place like Ghana, they’re so excited to see other surfers and share this beautiful thing that surfing is. That excitement just serves to remind me how amazing our sport really is.” Mikey February

Zigzag collaborated with Vans and Juju Surf Club to bring you this short film documenting the weekend’s festivities.

The day consisted of a beach clean up, good music, surfing, food and art, as the Vans team and local Ghanaian surfers came together to celebrate African Surf Culture.

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