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Equilibro: The SOMA Surf Story

Equilibrio: The SOMA Surf Story, is a short documentary set in São Tomé, highlighting the work of the first African surf therapy program exclusively for girls, with the intention of raising the next generation of confident young African women, through the power of surf therapy.

Directed by South African director, Ana-Filipa Domingues from Fly On The Wall Films (who brought us Deep Blue / Middle C), the film introduces us to a remarkable group of young São Toméan women who are defying societal norms and embracing empowerment through the art of surfing.

São Tomé is a place of natural beauty and social intricacies. Located in the Gulf of Guinea, close to the western coast of Central Africa. Like many places in Africa, women have to go against long-established social norms and a dominant patriarchy, just to get in the water. “Gender inequality is a glaring issue. My goal is to capture the tenacity of these young women, and celebrate their journey towards empowerment.” Explains Ana-Filipa Domingues. “Equal rights, female empowerment, and defying societal norms are very important topics in my life. I hope this film sparks conversations about empowerment, equality, and the beauty of pursuing one’s dreams against all odds.”

Watch the director’s cut of the full film below.

And please consider a donation to the SOMA cause at www.somasurf.org


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