10 March, 2023 10 March, 2023

Chasing Mountains | Matt Bromley Storm Chase

There’s a lot more that goes into a storm chase than just jumping on a flight and and riding waves. Bromdog is no stranger to a strike mission and all it entails. In his latest vlog he takes us behind the scenes of one of his craziest surf adventures.

“This video is my best insight into the stress and struggles of chasing a storm, last minute across the world and scoring at Jaws and Mavericks! To spice things up, our first baby scan was scheduled for the same day as the Jaws swell and COVID regulations extended my travel to 3 days- only to arrive the night before the swell. 

The evening before the Jaws day was the toughest night of my life. Jetlag was heavy and I lay in a tent on the hillside of Jaws, listening to roars of thunder as the swell filled in at Peahi. Each time striking fear deep into my soul. With no sleep and crazy anxiety, I had to let it all go, step out in faith and venture out into 50ft jaws.”

Image by – Marco Arellano

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