13 April, 2023 13 April, 2023

Chasing Cheneso

‘A cyclone gurgles off the coast of south-western Madagascar; causing widespread local flooding, death and destruction, while slinging heavy waves and weather across the channel towards a perfect sandbar in Mozambique.

Skimming over the humanitarian nightmare of a natural disaster, the prospect of endless tropical barrels kicks more than a dozen professional surfers into action – and generates real FOMO in thousands more.’ – An extract from issue 47.2 

The Zag team decided to roll the dice and join those headed North into the heart of Mozambique. It was well worth the chase! This film and much of issue 47.2 is the result of, Chasing Cheneso…

Get issue 47.2 here!

Edit – David Armstrong | Film – Steven Michelsen | Images – Luke Patterson

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