14 July, 2022 14 July, 2022

Surfing For Our Future | Sentinel Ocean Alliance & J Bay Surf Alliance

“For the J-Bay open, World Surf League teamed up with Shiseido and WSL PURE grantee JBay Surf Alliance and Sentinel Ocean Alliance for a surf therapy session and environmental education alongside Championship Tour surfers Jordy Smith, Lakey Petersen, Carissa Moore, Caroline Marks, Joshe Faulkner, Griffin Colapinto and Matthew McGillivray. The sport of surfing has the ability to change lives, and with the help of caring adults and a supportive peer group, children learn to build a positive self concept by independently mastering the skills of surfing and meditation, while also learning how to protect our one ocean.” – WSL

The programs have come together to teach the kids ocean education and surf therapy. Together these two programs allow kids to learn about the ocean, the environment and how to protect it, at the same time learning life skills through surf and surf based therapy. ” It’s good for the kids to experience this healthy environment and be in the ocean surfing and look out for each other.” – Matt McGillivray

Images by – Craig Kolesky

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