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Justin Healy

6’o” x 20″ x 2 1/2″

The Weapon
This is the latest creation from Waveworx, inspired by the
boards the pro’s are riding.

This model has more width up front and we have made the nose fuller for landing those reverse airs on the nose and more tail flip to allow you to pivot above the wave face. It has a neutral rocker for acceleration in the flats and a standard single to double concave for rail-to-rail manoeuvrability. A pure performance board.

Comes standard with FCS or Futures.

Waveworx Surf Co.
9 Manchester Road,
Hout Bay, 7806
Cell: (+27) 82 256 75 44
E-mail: justinhealy@mac.com

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  1. Jason Geyser
    10 January, 2017 at 4:35 pm · Reply

    Justin, howzit man. Might remember me, good mate of Bryan Rutgers…I live in the British Virgin Islands.
    Last board you made for me was a fish (screaming jet-fish I think you called it)Love it.
    Looking for a new board and need some ideas.

    Skill level…medium
    Typical wave…..Caribbean, 3-6 ft….not very powerful waves on average
    Most of the time I am surfing on a 7.10mini mal……I have loved it but now want something a bit more zooty but I am not an 18yr old either…45 to be exact. Kinda looking for something around 6.6ft
    Any ideas for me?
    What is your Lead time on a board…just plain white and what are you charging fins included?
    Thanks Justin
    Jason Geyser

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