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Dennis Ellis

Available 5’6’’ to 6’7’’

Designed for high performance surfing in good surf. A step up from the Tokoloshe, designed to be ridden just longer than you are tall or 2-3 inches longer than your Tokoloshe. The tail and nose are pulled in, allowing quick, rail-to-rail transitions, better holding power in the barrel and off the bottom. Features a single to double concave with a slight V off the tail. Use as a quad or thruster with any tail configuration. This board is Epoxy/XPS foam, rail grooves add stiffness to the frame with extra flex in the tail. Standard polyester available. All boards are made in-house, from CNC millling to finishing. All cutting files are kept for reproduction or tweaking at any stage.

48 Brickmakers Kloof
South End
Port Elizabeth
Tel: (+27) 41-586 2276
Cel: (+27) 83 735 4865
Email: theboardroom@axemail.co.za
Facebook: The Boardroom SA

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