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Dennis Ellis

5’9’’ x 18 7/8’’ x 2 3/8’’ 28 litres

The Cheetah Channels work. This design features a curved channel as opposed to the older channel bottom with flat, square edges. Picture six mini- concaves running through your tail. Plenty of drive, bite and yet still smooth surfing. Waves are curved; your surfboard should be as well. This design works with any high performance shape, fin set-up and tail configuration. All our boards are made in-house, from CNC milling to finishing. Individual cutting files are kept (with back-up) on our system for reproduction or tweaking at any stage. Good boards. Nothing else matters.


48 Brickmakers Kloof
South End
Port Elizabeth
Tel: (+27) 41-586 2276
Cel: (+27) 83 735 4865
Email: theboardroom@axemail.co.za
Facebook: The Boardroom SA

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