16 November, 2012 16 November, 2012

Safari Surfboards

Spider Murphy

Spider’s most popular high-performance model is designed to rip in all conditions. It currently is the board-of-choice for many of our contest surfers intent on delivering winning performances on both point and beach breaks.  Featuring a medium single and double concave bottom and a bump wing squashed tail, the A2 generates incredible speed through the turns and wants to be surfed on the rail.

Safari Surf
6 Milne Street
Durban, South Africa, 4001
Tel: (+27) 31 337 4230
Fax: (+27) 31 337 4231
E-mail: boards@safarisurf.com

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  1. Ofir
    22 April, 2024 at 9:48 pm · Reply

    What is the volume of 5″11?

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