10 June, 2014 10 June, 2014



Rusty Preisendorfer

5’0” to 6’10”

Yes Thanks
The newest addition to the Kerrlection series and Josh Kerr’s go-to performance board for 2014. A wider, fuller shortboard designed for knee to solid overhead surf. The Yes Thanks features a bottom with continuous rocker and a fairly deep single concave splitting into a double through the fins and off the tail. Other key features are a little wider tail block and an added bump in the outline at mid-fins, which acts as a pivot point to enhance turning. Together these elements make the Yes Thanks a forgiving and versatile design, making it a good addition to any quiver.

See more at: www.rustysurfboards.com/product/yes-thanks/

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E-mail: noelrahme@gmail.com

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