21 April, 2011 21 April, 2011

Natural Curve Surfboards

Hugh Thompson

6’0″ x 21 3/4″ x 2 3/4 “

The “Bulldog” was designed by Richie Rispel and myself after spending some time in the shaping bay deliberating over a board that would double as a stand-in for his longboard and allow Richie to get the same ease of paddle and ride when the waves were hard to pick up. We came up with a board that carries volume and has the same round nose feel as a longboard, and jazzed it up with a half-moon tail, Quad-fins and a set of fluted channels running through the bottom deck. The result is a board that catches waves without working up a sweat, and is smooth, stable and goes like blazes. The design can be done in any size, from tiny 5’5″ all the way up to 7’0″ to keep it effective. Definitely a real fun board to go with all the serious boards you already have.

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