21 April, 2011 21 April, 2011

Natural Curve Surfboards

Hugh Thompson

7’0″ x 21 1/4 ” x 2 1/4 “

Let me introduce you to the Mini-Noserider, a board that was developed as a substitute for all of the boards that you own, but just cannot get into the car for that family weekend away. This is the board that will do the job for you when the waves are small and you wished you had brought your longboard along, or when you come over that last hill only to see a perfect point with six footers peeling off all the way to the beach!
The mini-noserider is longer than your favourite shortboard but surfs incredibly well off the tail,  rides like a longboard if ridden in trim and noserides beautifully with the 36″ concave it carries in the nose area. It works as a Thruster, a Quad and even as a single fin. To keep this board functioning as it was originally designed to do, I make them in the 7’0″ to 7’6″ range. I have ridden my 7’2″ in all sizes and conditions, and have found it to be rock-solid,  whether it’s in a fun beach-break or in heaving barrels on the coast.
The Mini-Noserider has proved to be very popular with shortboarders looking for something longer but not wanting to go the whole longboard route, as well as with longboarders who need something shorter when the swell gets up and still want to be out there without putting their longer equipment at risk.

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