28 June, 2013 28 June, 2013

Natural Curve


Hugh Thompson

DIMENSIONS: 7’0″ x 21 3/4″ x 2 3/4″

Mini Noserider
The most versatile mid-range board around. This full-volumed board has a full nose and comes as a rounded pintail (or squash if that is your preference) with a 36″ concave under the nose for those who enjoy trimming through sections on the nose. The substantial vee that runs from the front foot area through the tail works well with quad, thrusters, box and trailers or single fin setups. Popular in the 7’0″ – 7’4″ range, these boards go well in any size surf and conditions.

Phone: (+27) 31 309 8880
Fax: (+27) 31 309 2200
Cell: (+27) 83 360 0003
E-mail: hugh@naturalcurve.co.za

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