16 July, 2012 16 July, 2012

Lightning Bolt

Mike Larmont
Shaping since ’67 (45 years)
Bolts since ‘75
Have travelled the world and surfed virtually every famous and underground surf spots. This is translated into the final shape.

8 ’0” X 21” X 3”

The Monsta – designed for big blokes whom want to ride most wave conditions and want the responsiveness and acceleration and cool of a short board. Very shallow concave situated on the powerzone and soft edge rails provide ultra manoeuvrability. Hand crafted and fully polished for only the very best quality.

Beware of imitations.

Mike Larmont at African Surf Promotions CC
Larmont Surf
Dbn: (+27) 31 368 2421
J-Bay: (+27) 42 293 4128
Fax: (+27) 31 332 3226
E-mail: surfafrica@africansurf.co.za

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