13 May, 2015 13 May, 2015

Lampeez Shapes

05 Lampeez shapes


6’4”x 18’5/8”x 2’5/16”

Five fin setup

Winter swells, that Indo trip. J bay. You are going to need a step up from your all rounder. Order 3” to 6” longer than your shortboard. Typical dimensions if your shortboard is: 5’10” x 12’3/4” nose x 18’3/4” mid x 14’1/2” tail x 2’3/8” thick and circumference volume of 39” or 28 liters. Is to have your step up at 6’2” x 11’3/4” nose
x 18’1/2” mid x 13’1/2” tail x 2’7/16” thick and cir vol 39.5” or 29 liters. Round or pulled
in swallow tail. Available in polyester or epoxy.

Lampeez shapes
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