22 April, 2015 22 April, 2015

Lampeez Shapes



Custom shaped to your dimensions.

The 345 model is a performance board for all round conditions.Tested to the max by team rider Cedric Holl from Mauritius. Cedric is hard on his boards. Polyester boards don’t stand up to his air-barrel-carve approach. New improvements to the epoxy range is the carbon frame, that runs along the rails and over the back toe-heal area, resulting in a lively flex, that strengthens the board at the same time. An epoxy carbon frame board is light, under 2.2kg for a 6’0” and is durable. Epoxy will out last any polyester board at similar weight. The carbon frame design is available in epoxy-xps foam and epoxy-pu foam. Epoxy-pu has the same “feel” as regular polyester and can be repaired in the same way. Just more durable and lighter.

Lampeez shapes
East London, South Africa
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