16 July, 2012 16 July, 2012

Lampeez Shapes

Lamps in SA,
Kevin Olsen in Europe

4’2” to 7’2”

Le soup spoon concept model

Incorporating various design innovations from the past, that has been twicked and mutated into a functional board thats fun to surf. Featuring: Asymmetrical tail thats responsive and has plenty of drive, forehand or backhand. One inch deep concave for direction and speed.

Open quad fin cluster for drive and hold. A greener, less toxic way to construct a board using Xps foam with 18 paper thin epoxy stringers for flex “TWANG” and is light, yet lasts.

Browse www.lampzshapes.co.za for more info, photo’s and video.

Lampeez Shapes
12 Recreation Road
Unit no 6
East London
Cell: (+27) 82 799 8080
E-mail: info@lampzshapes.co.za

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