12 January, 2015 12 January, 2015



Ian Ihlenfeldt

5’ 8” x 19 1/2” x 2 1/2”
28.5 litres

Acid Fish
This model is for all the fish lovers out there. It has a bit more volume and width in the front of the board to facilitate paddling. The rocker is quite flat to get the most speed out of the small summer waves. I pulled in the outline around the fin area to allow tight, in the pocket surfing and the board wraps around really well through roundhouse cutbacks. Overall this is a fun, fast little board that is really easy to surf in waves that are about knee to head high.

Tel: (+27) 73 147 3265
E-mail: ianihlenfeldt@gmail.com
Web: www.ihlensurfboards.com
Facebook: Ihlenfeldt Surfboards
Gordons Bay/Cape Town

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